I work out of my garage in Oakland, California.

I love to build all sorts of things from fine wood furniture to little life hacks. I’m from San Francisco and I’m mostly self-taught out of necessity because the adults in my life couldn’t swing a hammer, but they were loving and provided a stable home for me and my five younger siblings.

I built my first bench when I was 12, carrying the wood home from Paupenhausen Hardware, and hand-sawing and nailing the thing together.

Since then, I’ve acquired some power tools and have done a number of renovation and construction projects. I have built some decks, kitchens, bedrooms, a little shak-in-the-back, fences, roofs… you name it!

Recently, I turned my garage into a woodshop and started focusing on fine woodworking. I’ve learned everything so far by watching YouTube videos and trying out new techniques.

Soon I will begin showing my project builds on YouTube in order to inspire someone else to go on and make something.

As an introvert, I appreciate quiet time, so I’m rarely on social media and will be slow to respond to your comments there. I do however see emails, so please send me a message on this site if you’d like to connect.