Planer Cart

I built a stand/cart for my Dewalt Planer. That heavy beast lived on my floor for almost a year and I’ve had to drag it out every time I wanted to plane a board. Video coming soon!

Planer Cart-6.jpg

This basic cart was built using scrap 3/4” plywood from other projects, $5 worth of douglas fir wood studs, extra hinges that I had lying around, and four nice $10 locking casters that I felt like splurging on.

It’s very simple: an open box on top, a box on bottom, four legs and a fold-out shelf. It’s sturdy and doesn’t tip over. I chose the height such that it would spit out wood right onto my assembly table, which is around 3 feet high. The width is about the same as the planer and the depth is longer than the base of the planer, about 2 feet, for stability.

Planer Cart-2.jpg