Wall Mounted Media Console

We just moved into a new house and needed a place for all of our karaoke equipment, speakers, cable box, wireless router, etc., so I built this media console in a day.


I had been researching wall-hanging units, because I wanted to float it above my partner’s wrestling mats, which took up most of the living room and was also our only sitting area at the time, but they were expensive! I was looking at $1,000-$2,000 units and they probably wouldn’t fit our stuff anyway.

My media console cost under $100. I built it out of poplar wood using pocket hole screws and glue. I measured my equipment the night before, bought the wood the next morning, and built the console in a day. It took a couple more days to stain and topcoat, though. I screwed it directly into the wall, not bothering with any sort of cleats or brackets.


If I could do it again, I would have been more careful about the glue squeeze-out. Part of the reason for the dark stain was to hide the dried-gluey parts where the stain couldn’t penetrate. Also, I would have cut larger 2-inch (instead of 1-inch) holes in the divider panels to allow electrical wires and plug ends to slide more easily through. I had to make the holes larger after installing the console, which was awkward.